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Ramsay Street General Practice

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The Cloncurry Practice works in collaboration with the local hospital and Mount Isa Health District. Therefore doctors who choose to work in Cloncurry have the option of working in the Private Practice only, or can combine a position at the hospital with work at the Private Practice.
Below described individual positions. It is however possible to be a GP Registrar and work as one of the hospital doctors at the same time.

GP Registrar Position

Rural Health Management Services manage the surgery with Dr Sheilagh Cronin and Dr Leonie Fromberg as Principal Training Doctors. There are additional GP trainers that work for Flinders Medial Group including Dr Cameron Hoare, Visiting Dr Richard Hays and Dr Peter Kirkham.

The practice provides exposure to a broad range of general practice medicine including Indigenous health, in collaboration with the general practice Indigenous nurse, occupational medicine, minor surgery and diverse and interesting general practice case mix.

The practice registrar positions have no on-call commitments as the on-call requirements of the practice is covered by the hospital doctors that also work in the Flinders Medical Centre.

Registrars, subject to eligibility, may be entitled to reimbursement of one-third of their medical HECS debt following one year of training, with a further third of HECS debt reimbursement following the second year of service. Purpose built, rent-free, furnished accommodation is provided as part of the position.

GP Only Position

Remote Rural General Practitioner Post – the benefits of rural medicine but lacking many of the challenges.

The Flinders Medical Centre – Cloncurry is looking to recruit a General Practitioner with an interest in remote rural general practice. The practice is a dynamic, academic training practice established with the aim of delivering an innovative, sustainable model of rural and remote private general practice.

Five years ago Cloncurry had one GP, now it has five and a group of visiting General Practitioners that provide regular locum support to permanent staff. The advertised position is rare in remote rural Australia – it attracts no on call! With no on call this position is ideal for individual’s continuing education, with a family, or for those who wish to maintain a home on the coast.

The practice is an accredited GP training practice, mixed billing with a full time nurse and onsite pathology. The medicine is diverse with an appreciative patient base, some of whom even travel by plane to reach the practice. Medical services include occupational medicine for the local mines, minor surgery and indigenous health.

Payment is by way of percentage of fees generated. A furnished home is provided with this position to allow for maintenance of a second home on the coast if desired.

Cloncurry is an RA4 community. Doctors practicing in Cloncurry may be eligible for retention payments of $8000 after one year, and up to $27000 after 5 years of service under the newly proposed federal scheme.

Right To Private Practice Hospital Positions

The Practice works in collaboration with the local hospital. The three hospital doctors may exercise their right to private practice at the Flinders Medical Centre. The private practice is run by a full time practice manager and employs doctors that do not work at the hopital. Therefore doctors who work at the hopital as a MSRPP and MORPP can work in the private general practice, in a remote rural setting without the headache of running a general practice business.

Two of the doctors who work in the private practice are GP supervisors, providing access to general practice vocational training programs.

The requirements of the hospital position are: One in three, 24 hour on call for emergencies, a daily ward round and One hour of out patients, per three working days. The bonded scholarship hospital position is a right to private practice position which allows the scholarship holder to work in the local general practice.

The practice provides exposure to a broad range of general practice medicine including Indigenous health, in collaboration with the general practice Indigenous nurse, occupational medicine, minor surgery and diverse and interesting general practice case mix.

The package includes a percentage of practice generated earnings, rent free furnished home, vehicle, fuel card and mobile phone as part of the Medical Officer Right to Private Practice package, Medical Officer, Right to Private Practice Salary of approximately $100,000. An additional approximate $20,000 annual retention payment, paid after the completion of designated six month periods of work, as per MORPP Award and a $20,000 education allowance paid on a pro rata basis as an additional salary component.

A 1 year full time placement as a doctor may entitle you to receive up to $8,000 federal rural retention payment which increases to $13,000 following a second year of service.

North West Queensland

Cloncurry was the birth place of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and first destination for Qantas. An original hangar for Qantas still exists at the airport today. The town is old by Australian standards and is the hub of North West Queensland with major road and rail networks. With a population of around 4000 the town is small but has significant infrastructure thanks to the booming mining sector. 

Getting To and From Cloncurry

Although remote flight connections are good. Qantas operates a twice-daily service from Mount Isa to Brisbane. QantasLink operates a weekday service from Cloncurry to Townsville.

The positions at Flinders offer flexible holiday entitlements and with those positions that attract no on-call requirements, regular opportunities exist for doctors to take leave and attend clinical training events.

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